Nastja Cepak, PHD – Cryptographer

Nastja Cepak works as a Cyber Security Expert for CREA plus d.o.o. She is also the Assistant professor with PhD at the University of Primorska in Koper. She works as a mentor for PhD in Master students, she is a member of member of the Centre of Cryptography, UP FAMNIT and also works as the assistant professor for courses Coding Theory and Algebra IV.

Formal education

  • PhD Studies – Mathematics, Cryptography – The studies focus of cryptography, more specifically on nonlinear Boolean functions and permutations of finite fields.
  • Master Studies – Mathematics

Reference projects in the field of IT and process optimization in recent years

  • Consultant on trust 360 project for Utimaco
  • Consultant on 3D Secure for Utimaco
  • Consultant on the BRICKS – Block Safe (BIP32) project for Utimaco
  • Consultant on the ECK project for Utimaco
  • Lecturer and speaker in Utimaco HSM – related courses

Recent Expert Education

  • Atala Certified Engineer – Atala HSMs
  • Utimaco Cryptoserver Engineer Certification
  • Certified Engineer Cryptoserver HSMs

Job related skills

  • Starting in September 2015 until December 2015 she was on a 3-month research visit in INRIA research institute, Paris
  • Through the years 2015 – 2018 she attended numerous international conferences and has been on research visits to France, Belgium, China, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Morocco
  • In September 2018 she was an invited speaker in China