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Predictive Analytics

We use a variety of predictive and machine learning algorithms to improve business results based on historical and external data. In terms of business, predictive models enable a better understanding of customers and products and identify potential opportunities for a company.

Where and when is predictive analytics essential?
What do we do and how do we do it?
 Every business process has pain points. Does production not reach the desired efficiency? Is customer dropout rate steadily increasing? Is stockpiling becoming costly? Are there steps that could and should be automated? We analyse your historical data and define the most affective approach that would best suit your business process. We listen and learn about your existing approaches and incorporate our solutions into your system.

Deep Learning

Complex problems are solved using neural networks. They are designed to handle complex and extensive data such as text files, images, signals, etc. Deep modeling can give you the edge over your competitors.

Where and when is deep learning essential?

Big Data Analytics

A large amount of unstructured data has enormous value when processed and analyzed with the right tools. We have the knowledge and experience to offer our clients the best value for their data.

Business Consulting

We are ready to share our rich knowledge with the aim of improving our existing business processes. We provide consulting on software tools, algorithms, optimization of computationally demanding operations and much more.  We have rich experience in developing strategies for introducing data and AI driven business processes in the daily operations and have capabilities of efficiently rebuilding and optimizing a complete business process.

Educational Programs

We offer customized training programs for both beginners and experienced analysts who wish to acquire additional knowledge. Everything from exploratory analysis, data processing and programming languages to regression models, advanced machine learning methods and deep learning.

Are you interested in any of the following topics?
  • Programming in R or Python
  • Exploratory data analysis (general description, quality assessment, trend and correlation detection, visualizations, PCA, …)
  • Regression models (linear and logistic regression, generalized linear models, Cox and survival models, …)
  • Time series forecasting (moving average, ARIMA and related methods, Holt-Winters, …)
  • Random forest and other classification methods
  • Clustering methods
  • Neural networks
  • Visualization tools and graphs

Statistical Consulting

We offer theoretical statistical knowledge to analyze data and answer main research question. We are your consultants on the way from the definition of the research plan and the desired data format to the assessment of data quality, statistical analysis and the correct interpretation required for scientific articles or dissertations.