Klemen Rizman – Chief Data Scientist

Klemen Rizman successfully passed all exams at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (UNI). He is an expert in various methods for predicting data (prediction) and integrating them into existing information systems. Among the software and analytical languages which he masters are R, Python, Java, and the rest.


Subject training and certificates:

  • Coursera – Data science specialization
  • Stanford Online – Statistical Learning
  • edX – Certificate for Programming and R for Data Science
  • IBM Certified Specialist – SPSS Modeler Professional v3
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist

Project experience as lead data scientst or CDS:

  • NLB d.d .: project PREMEC (Construction of 12 predictive models and training of internal team of NLB), 
  • Sberbank Slovenija d.d.: retail credit churn prediction
  • Sberbanbk Srbija d.d.: credit card churn, RFM analysis, 
  • NLB Beograd a.d.:  customer churn prediction, EWS for credit risk department
  • Addiko Bank Croatia d.d.: propensity to buy for credit cards  
  • Gorenjska banka d.d .: pilot project in the field of predictive analytics
  • LON d.d.: pilot project in the field of predictive analytics
  • Abanka d.d.: Management of receivables and grey list modeling
  • T-2 d.d .: predictive analytics for customer retention
  • A1 d.d.:  customer retention predictive model
  • EKWB d.o. o..: Introduction of artificial intelligence into enterprise decision points, supply chain management, strategy development for  data and AI driven company
  • Tekstina d.d.: AI assisted design and sales prediction, lead data scientist
  •  Helios d.d.: AI assisted sales prediction for every profit centre in all the countries
  • 3DVA d.o.o.: Sales prediction and stock optimization