Tom Žumer – Data Science Specialist

Tom Žumer has a Master’s Degree in Logistics Engineering. He is mastering the fields of Exploratory Data Analysis and prediction modeling of various data from different industries. His main programming languages for developing models are R, Python and SQL.

Main data science and development projects:

  • Churn model for NLB Ljubljana d.d.
  • Churn model for NLB Srbija d.d.
  • Churn model for Raiffeisen BiH
  • Exploratory Data Analysis in Sberbank Slovenija d.d.
  • Educating data science in Unior d.d. with Oracle data science tools (Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle R Distribution, Oracle R Enterprise)
  • Data preparation and neural network modeling in the EWS project for risk department at NLB Beograd a.d.
  • EKWB d.o.o. – complex analytical data preparation and sales prediction modeling
  • Development work on the u.trust360 project for Utimaco company

Past experience:

  • Oracle eBS system development and customization
  • Oracle eBS system support
  • Oracle database developer (using mostly Oracle PL/SQL and Oracle SQL)
  • eSOMS system support


Microsoft MCSA: Machine Learning certified (Exam 774: Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learnin; Exam 773: Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R)